The steam tug WILLIAM C DALDY

A brief history Chronology  



1935 by Lobnitz & Co., Renfrew, Glasgow, Scotland. Contract Number 948 and Yard number 986.

Official Number


Port of Registry

Auckland N.Z.

Signal Letters


Lloyd's Class

100 A.1

Tender Price

26,366 Sterling for vessel
plus 2,900 for delivery.

Final Contract Price

29,980 Sterling main contract
including extras:
Duplicate Weir's Air pump 388
Extra for pickling plates 123
Spare filter cartridge 8

Total Price

30,499 Sterling


Auckland Harbour Board


1st October 1935

Sea trials on Gair Loch

29th October 1935

Left U.K.

7th November 1935

Arrived Auckland

30th January 1936

Maximum Power

1,950 I.H.P.


13.4 knots on trials

Registered tonnage:

348 gross
Nil nett.


720 tons approx.


150 tons

Bollard Pull

17 tons (at approximately 1,300 I.H.P.)


126 feet 0 inches (38.4 metres) Overall
117 feet 6 inches (35.8 metres) Between Perpendiculars

Breadth moulded

32 feet (9.75 metres)


15 feet (4.5 metres)


There are three towing beams and two tow hooks of the slip type Main towing hook fitted with "MONARCH" patent shock-absorbing towing equipment supplied by the MONARCH Controller Co. Ltd., London. Ordinary towing hooks are also fitted.
The shock-absorbing towing equipment is capable of withstanding a force of 19 tons

Towing Hawsers

45 fathoms 4.5 inch extra flexible steel wire (37 wires per strand).
Bow line, 10 inch Manilla Rope.

Coal Bunkers

2 each 50 tons (@45 cb.ft./ton) plus 30 tons in cross bunker, making a total of 130 tons.

Coal consumption

Long tow 1 ton/hour. Harbour work 3 - 3.5 a day

Water Tanks

Midship tank 10 ton capacity, reserve feed tank 26 tons capacity, adjacent to the after peak. Fore and after peaks are both available for water ballast, their capacity being 26 and 30 tons respectively.


1 Bower Anchor 16.5 cwt. (840 Kg) Stockless
1 Bower Anchor 7.5 cwt. (382 Kg) Stockless
75 fathoms 1,6/16 inch Stud Link Chain Cable
75 fathoms 1,2/16 inch Stud Link Chain Cable



Two sets of triple expansion steam engines, surface condensing. 980 Indicated Horse Power each.
Makers: Lobnitz & Co.


H.P. 15 inch (381 mm) diameter. I.P. 25 inch (635 mm) diameter. L.P. 40 inch (1016 mm) diameter.


30 inches (762 mm)


110 - 115 R.P.M.

Tail Shafts

M.S. unlined, running in oil filled stern tubes with patent sealing rings. Shafts 27 feet 10 15/16 inches L.O.A.
Makers: Messrs Dawson & Downie Ltd.


Two 11 feet (3.4 metres) diameter of manganese bronze. Weight 2 tons 18 cwt each. There are also two cast iron spare propellers.

Auxiliaries (Deck)

All engines are condensing

Steam Windlass (Forward)

2 cylinder, horizontal, reversible. Cylinders, 9 inch (229 mm) diameter 9 inch (229 mm) stroke.
Makers: Clarke Chapman Ltd.

Tow Rope Winch (Aft)

2 cylinder, horizontal, reversible. Cylinders, 8 inch (203 mm) diameter 12 inch (305 mm) stroke.
Makers: Clarke Chapman Ltd.

Steering Gear

Combined steam and hand steering gear. Shaft drive from wheel in wheelhouse and on flying bridge to steering engine at after end of engineroom. Steering engine has emergency hand steering wheel.
Steering engine is 2 cylinder, horizontal, reversible. Cylinders 6 inch (152 mm) diameter 6 inch (152 mm) stroke.
Makers: Thomas Reid & Sons (Paisley) Ltd. (Donkin's Patent).


A complete set of Chadburns electric Synchrostep Mark IV telegraphs were installed in August 1969. They replaced the original chain-driven telegraphs.

Auxiliaries (Engineroom)

All engines are condensing

Steam Generator

Reader steam engine, 15 kw electric generator. 230 volt D.C. Installed 1960, and formerly on the Royal New Zealand Navy Minesweeper KIWI.
This replaced the original 6 kw generator by W.H. Allen & Co. of Bedford driven by an engine by W. Sisson & Co. of Gloucester.
2002 the generator was taken out of service and replaced by a new alternator. The generator remained in place, but free-wheeling.


New alternator fitted 2002 which supplies AC as required and also DC via an inverter for the old ship's DC mains. The AC also drives chargers for batteries at 24 volt for emergency lighting and electric telegraphs, and 12 volt for the VHF radios.

Bilge Pump

Vertical Duplex pump. Cylinders, steam water 5 inch (127 mm) diameter by 6 inch (152 mm) stroke.
Maker: Dawson & Downie Ltd.

General Service Pump

Vertical Duplex pump. Cylinders, steam water 7 inch (178 mm) diameter x 8 inch (203 mm) stroke.
Maker: Dawson & Downie Ltd.

Feed Heater & Filter

Heating surface 38 square feet.
Maker: Hocking Ltd.


Two coal fired Scotch boilers, with 3 furnaces in each
Maker: Barclay Curle & Co. Ltd., Glasgow


Return multi-tubular, marine, constructed of acid open hearth steel.


Mean length: 11 feet 6 inches (3.5 m)
Internal Diameter: 13 feet 6 inches (4.1 m)

Number & type of furnace in each boiler

3 Deighton's corrugated, withdrawable.
3 feet 3 1/4 inches (997 mm) diameter x 9/16 inches (14.3 mm) thick.

Number & size of tubes

330 tubes, ext. diameter 2.5 inches (63 mm) lap welded wrought iron

Heating Surface per boiler


1,652 sq. feet


137 sq. feet

c.c top and sides

130 sq. feet

c.c back

59 sq. feet


36 sq. feet

Total each boiler

2,014 sq. feet

Grate area per boiler

(5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m)) bare 53.5 sq. feet

Forced Draught

Howden system. Fan delivers direct to uptake air heaters. Direct driven by single cylinder enclosed steam engine situated in port side of Fiddley.


Working days

10 - Master, Mate, 2 deckhands, 3 engineers and 3 firemen.

Long distance towing


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