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Some of the indexed articles from newspapers are not held in the Bill Laxon Maritime Library. In New Zealand they can be obtained on Interlibrary Loan via your local public library.

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 A Century of Style. Great Ships of the Union Line 1875-1976     ( Brewer, N H )
 Akarana. The ports of Auckland.     ( Rose, John )
 Anchor line [of Glasgow] 1856-1956     ( McLellan, R S )
 Anchor ships and anchor men     ( Kirk, Allan A )
 Auckland by the sea: 100 years of work and play     ( Johnson, David )
 Australian and New Zealand sail traders     ( Kerr, Garry J )
 Australian and New Zealand shipwrecks and sea tragedies     ( Edwards, Hugh )
 Australian Shipwrecks Update Volume 5 1622-1900     ( Loney, Jack )
 Australian Shipwrecks Volume 4 1901-1986     ( Loney, Jack )
 Benzine era     ( Brewer, N H )
 Blokes & boats     ( McCarthy, Bill )
 Bluff Harbour     ( Hall - Jones, John )
 British Merchant Vessels Lost or Damaged by Enemy Action during Second World War
 Canterbury coasters     ( McLean, Gavin )
 Century of shipping in New Zealand. The twentieth century.     ( McLean, Gavin )
 Chandris Liners     ( Miller, William H )
 Coastmaster. The story of Captain James B Greig
 Cook's wild strait : the interisland story     ( MacIntyre, David )
 Crew culture     ( Atkinson, Neill )
 Duder family in New Zealand     ( Philson, Marianne )
 Early New Zealand steamers     ( Wilkinson, James Douglas )
 Emigrant ships…1946 - 1972     ( Cooke, Anthony )
 Era of coastal shipping in NZ. The small motor ships.     ( Jennings, Murray )
 Fair Winds and Rough Seas. The story of the Holm Shipping Company     ( Kirk, Allan )
 Famous New Zealand murders     ( Dyne, D G )
 Fast light boats. A century of kiwi innovation     ( Anderson, Grahame )
 Fresh about Cook Strait : an appreciation of Wellington Harbour     ( Anderson, Grahame )
 Gateway of the province.     ( Carey, H E )
 Glamour ships of the Union Steam Ship Company NZ Ltd     ( Churchouse, Jack )
 Glory of sail     ( Carter, Ronald )
 Great liners: P & O orient ships on the Australia trade     ( Fitchett, Thomas King )
 Harbour at the Sugar Loaves: a centennial history of the Taranaki Harbours Board [sic]     ( Scanlan, Arthur Brian )
 Harbour ferries of Auckland     ( Balderston, David )
 Henderson and MacFarlane's Circular Saw Line     ( Flude, Anthony G )
 History of Port Lyttelton     ( Scotter, William Henry )
 History of Port Nelson     ( Allan, Ruth Mary )
 History of ships     ( Kemp, Peter )
 Hull down     ( Eaddy, P A )
 In the wake of Endeavour.     ( Holman, Gordon )
 International Register of Historic Ships     ( Brouwer, Norman )
 Jade river. A history of the Mahurangi     ( Locker, R H )
 Journeying with seafarers in New Zealand     ( Sinclair, Roy )
 Last of a glorious era     ( Pearse, Ronald )
 Last port to Antarctica     ( Church, Ian )
 Leonard Robertson - the WHANGAROA and LA BELLA     ( Churchouse, Jack )
 Little ships     ( Carter, Ronald )
 Little ships of New Zealand     ( Titchener, Paul )
 Little ships of Patea     ( Church, Ian )
 Logans     ( Elliott, Robin )
 Lyttelton Icon - 100 Years of the Steam Tug LYTTELTON     ( Tolerton, Nick )
 Marine Department centennial history 1866 - 1966.     ( Martin, Eric Russell )
 Maritime heritage: the lore of sail in New Zealand     ( Hawkins, Clifford W )
 Matson's century of ships     ( Stindt, Fred A )
 Mullet boats 'n quotes : a unique insight into an icon of New Zealand sailing craft.     ( Mitchell, Noel )
 New Zealand coastal passenger ships     ( McLean, Gavin )
 New Zealand Ships Illustrated 1988-89     ( Lovie, Iain G B )
 New Zealand shipwrecks. 195 years of disaster at sea.
 New Zealand tragedies. Shipwrecks and maritime disasters.     ( McLean, Gavin )
 New Zealand's Maritime Heritage     ( Johnson, David )
 New Zealand's shipwreck gallery     ( Locker-Lampson, Steve )
 Oamaru Harbour. Port in a storm     ( McLean, Gavin )
 Op sail 78
 Ordeal by Sea     ( Waters, Sydney D )
 Otago harbour. Currents of controversy     ( McLean, Gavin )
 Out of Auckland     ( Hawkins, Clifford )
 Pacific forum line     ( Nightingale, Tony )
 Pacific square-riggers     ( Gibbs, Jim )
 Pamir / The story of a sailing ship     ( Waters, Sydney D )
 Pamir under the NZ ensign     ( Churchouse, Jack )
 Passenger ships of Australia and New Zealand 1876-1912 Volume 1     ( Plowman, Peter )
 Passenger ships of Australia and New Zealand 1913-1980 Volume 2     ( Plowman, Peter )
 Pattering of paddle wheels     ( Maffey, Neil )
 Phantom fleet. The scows and scowmen of Auckland     ( Ashby, Ted )
 Poison: the coward's weapon     ( Gee, David )
 Port line.     ( Spong, H C & J Dobson )
 Port of Otago     ( McLintock, Alexander Hare )
 Portrait of the Royal New Zealand Navy : a fiftieth anniversary celebration.     ( Howard, Grant )
 Put him in the longboat     ( Edwards, Douglas )
 Quiet heroes     ( Edwards, Bernard )
 Rainbow over Mount Eden. Images of Auckland     ( Shaw, Peter )
 Records of the Canterbury Museum Volume 11     ( Richards, Rhys )
 Rescue. The Sumner community and its lifeboat service
 Richardsons of Napier     ( McLean, Gavin )
 Richardsons of Napier: a century of coastal shipping 1859-1959     ( Waters, Sydney David )
 Rocking the boat? A history of Scales Corporation Limited.     ( McLean, Gavin )
 Romance of the clipper ships     ( Lubbock, Alfred Basil )
 Sail change. Tall ships in New Zealand waters     ( Morris, Roger )
 Sail to New Zealand     ( Savill, David )
 Sailing ships of the NZ Shipping Company 1873 - 1900     ( Bott, Alan )
 Sailing ships of the Tasman Sea     ( Churchouse, Jack )
 Sails beneath the Southern Cross     ( Eaddy, Percy Allen )
 Saltwater in her hair.     ( Pigneguy, Dee )
 Sea in my blood     ( Julian, Harry )
 Sealers and whalers in New Zealand waters     ( Grady, Don )
 Serpent's Coil     ( Mowat, Farley )
 Servants of the North     ( Furniss, Clifford A )
 Settlement by sail. 19th century immigration to New Zealand     ( Jackson, Gainor W )
 Ships in the Coral     ( Holthouse, Hector )
 Ships of the Union Company     ( McLean, Gavin )
 Ships that serve Australia and New Zealand. Volume 1     ( Fildes, Bob )
 Ships that serve Australia and New Zealand. Overseas flag ships Volume 2     ( Fildes, Bob )
 Ships that Serve New Zealand Volume 1     ( Stewart, I G )
 Shipwreck. Tales of survival, courage and calamity at sea.     ( Callan, Louise )
 Shoestring Shipping Line     ( Blair, Clough )
 Short history of the port of Timaru 1852 - 1955     ( Hassall, Charles F )
 Southern breeze. A history of yachting in New Zealand.     ( Harold Kidd and Robin Elliott )
 Steam on the Manukau     ( Laxon, W A )
 Steamers down the Firth     ( Laxon, W A )
 Steamships of Australia and New Zealand     ( Palmer, J F )
 Story of P & O : the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company     ( Howarth, David and Stephen )
 Subritzky shipping (a heritage of sail) 1843 - 1993     ( Subritzky, M R G )
 Tall ships     ( McCutchan, Philip )
 Tall Spars, Steamers & Gum     ( Ryburn, Wayne )
 The 1935 steam tug WILLIAM C DALDY     ( Millatt, Tony )
 The gun in the case     ( Kelly, G G )
 Tides of history: Bay of Islands county     ( Boese, Kay )
 Troopships     ( Llewellyn, Stephen Peter )
 Troopships of World War 2
 Vintage New Zealand launches. A Winkelman portfolio     ( Kidd, Harold & Elliott, Robin )
 Waiheke ferries of Auckland     ( Balderston, David )
 Waitemata. Auckland's harbour of sails
 Wallace Sidney Stanners 1889-1957
 Weekly news. Those were the days. 1960's
 Wellington Harbour     ( Neilson, D R )
 Wellington Harbour     ( Johnson, David )
 Wet behind the ears     ( Taylor, Peter )
 White Wings: emigrant ships to NZ 1840 - 1902 Volume 1     ( Brett, Henry )
 Winkelman images of early New Zealand     ( Edwards, Vivien )
 Winkelman's Waitemata. Classic Auckland yachting     ( Elliott, Robin )
 Wreck book     ( Locker-Lampson, Steve )
 Yachtsman's memories of long ago     ( Carter, Ronald )

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 Brief record ot the evolution in the life of an individual
 Chronology of the sea career - Percy Allen Eaddy
 Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Auckland provincial district - 1902
 Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Marlborough and Westland provincial districts - 1906
 Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Otago and Southland provincial districts - 1905
 Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Taranaki, Hawkes Bay and Wellington provincial districts - 1908
 Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Wellington provincial district - 1897
 Frank Barnes (1859-1941)
 Life in Auckland of Alfred Gregory Bartlett [Notes]
 Loss of the STRATHMORE - 1876
 New Zealand war deaths register - 1939 - 45
 Northern Steam Ship Company scrapbook - 1922- 1933
 Register of maritime personnel
 They came by sea
 Thomson Collection
 William Isaac Haberfield [notes]
 [Auckland Harbour Board personnel]
 [Eary life of Dan Luther]
 [Letter from Thomas Lipton to Captain Matthews] - 1916
 [Material relating to Captain Daniel McIntyre 1827-1887]
 [Notes on Captain Field Porter and family]
 [NZ Electoral roll, General Election, 1908]
 [NZ Electoral roll, General Election, 6 Dec 1905] - 1905
 [Papers on Captain A V Cross]
 [Papers relating to W C DALDY]
 [Roll, Licensing Committee Election, 1906] - 1906

Shipping Arrival and Departure Records
 Auckland Shipping Movements

Web Resources
 Illustrated history of the tug WILLIAM C DALDY - 2002
 New Zealand Maritime Record
 Northern Steam Ship Company Exhibition - 2001

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