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The New Zealand Maritime Index is not being actively developed. The number of different publications indexed has not changed in recent years. The 'completeness' of the indexing varies.

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Magazines, Periodicals and Newspapers

Some of the indexed articles from newspapers are not held in the Bill Laxon Maritime Library. In New Zealand they can be obtained on Interlibrary Loan via your local public library.

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 Brief record ot the evolution in the life of an individual
 Chronology of the sea career - Percy Allen Eaddy
 Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Auckland provincial district - 1902
 Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Marlborough and Westland provincial districts - 1906
 Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Otago and Southland provincial districts - 1905
 Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Taranaki, Hawkes Bay and Wellington provincial districts - 1908
 Cyclopedia of New Zealand. Wellington provincial district - 1897
 Frank Barnes (1859-1941)
 Life in Auckland of Alfred Gregory Bartlett [Notes]
 Loss of the STRATHMORE - 1876
 New Zealand war deaths register - 1939 - 45
 Northern Steam Ship Company scrapbook - 1922- 1933
 Register of maritime personnel
 They came by sea
 Thomson Collection
 William Isaac Haberfield [notes]
 [Auckland Harbour Board personnel]
 [Eary life of Dan Luther]
 [Letter from Thomas Lipton to Captain Matthews] - 1916
 [Material relating to Captain Daniel McIntyre 1827-1887]
 [Notes on Captain Field Porter and family]
 [NZ Electoral roll, General Election, 1908]
 [NZ Electoral roll, General Election, 6 Dec 1905] - 1905
 [Papers on Captain A V Cross]
 [Papers relating to W C DALDY]
 [Roll, Licensing Committee Election, 1906] - 1906

Shipping Arrival and Departure Records
 Auckland Shipping Movements

Web Resources
 Illustrated history of the tug WILLIAM C DALDY - 2002
 New Zealand Maritime Record
 Northern Steam Ship Company Exhibition - 2001

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