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Name: Downes, M E
Role: Author (of NZMI article)
Abstract: Author of article Port News: Bluff published 1963-64

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1963-64 Volume 15 Number 3   Pages 29 - 30
Title:Port News: Bluff
Article Abstract:News of recent (summer 1963-64) ship arrivals and other events in the port of Bluff. Events covered in the items include details of an explosion in electrical equipment aboard a large tanker leaving port, the fifth and last new mechanical meat loader at the port now made operational by contractors William Cable Ltd .Details of the new shipping being attracted into Southland with the beginning of the giant Manapouri-Doubtful Sound tailrace tunnel scheme, requiring the delivery of heavy equipment and the use of one vessel as a floating hostel for construction workers in Doubtful Sound. Remaining items are on visiting ships of interest.

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