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Name: Crosby, A P
Role: Author (of NZMI article)
Abstract: Author of article Port news: Mount Maunganui - Tauranga published 1964

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1964 Volume 15 Number 4   Page 30
Title:Port news: Mount Maunganui - Tauranga
Article Abstract:News of recent (autumn 1964) ship arrivals and other events in Mount Maunganui - Tauranga. Mentions that a 700 ft extension to the 4,200 ft long Mount Maunganui Wharf was planned by the Tauranga Harbour Board, due to demand for berths. Gives brief details of the following vessels that had visited the port: ASPRELLA, CLYDEFIELD, SIGNE INGLESSON, KRESBIA, HERMES, ZUISEI MARU, TOYO MARU, TRIKERI, and ALLOBROGIA.

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