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Name: Cassells, Ken
Role: Author (of NZMI article)
Abstract: Author of article published 1994

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1994 Volume 43 Number 1   Pages 25-32, 42
Title:Memorable Voyages 3: Northward Ho! - Wartime
Article Abstract:In 1941 the New Zealand Government decided to build, using components from the United Kingdom and the United States, twelve "B" class Fairmaile anti-submarine vessels to defend the main N.Z. ports. During 1943 it became apparent they would no longer be needed for their planned purpose so the Government offered them, together with crews, to the U.S. Navy for deployment in a forward area. The offer was accepted and during Feb 1944 the Fairmiles sailed from Auckland in two separate flotillas for the Solomon Islands.

The author sailed as a seaman on ML401 and describes the voyage in detail.

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