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Name: Johnson, David
Role: Author (of NZMI article)
Abstract: Author of article The Europeans published 1987

Source: New Zealand's Maritime Heritage 1987   Pages 21-27
Title:The Europeans
Article Abstract:It was a long time before the Europeans who nibbled at the edge of the Pacific found Polynesia and, with it, Aotearoa. In 1520 Magellan sailed through the strait that now bears his name and crossed the Pacific to the Philippines. A Dutch expedition in 1642 led by Tasman found land that was later named Tasmania and went on to discover the West Coast of New Zealand. 1769 James Cook sighted land on the East Coast of the North Island and went on to make a detailed survey of most of New Zealand. 1769 Jean de Surville sighted the New Zealand coast near Hokianga. 1772 Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne sighted Mt Taranaki and continued round to the Bay of Islands. 1791 Vancouver anchored in Dusky Sound.

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