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Name: Churchouse, Jack
Role: Author (of NZMI article)
Abstract: Author of article [Eighth voyage of the PAMIR under New Zealand control] published 1978

Source: The Pamir under the NZ ensign 1978   Pages 178 - 193
Title:[Eighth voyage of the PAMIR under New Zealand control]
Article Abstract:From a detailed and well illustrated history of the voyages of the PAMIR while under the control of the New Zealand government during and immediately after World War 2. Voyage 8: Wellington to Vancouver, May - Oct, 1946. Persons who feature in photographs relating to the eighth voyage, those with biographical sketches, or whose name does not otherwise appear in the work "PAMIR: the story of sailing ship" as being on that voyage, are covered here. This highly readable account of the voyages of the PAMIR under NZ control gives great insight into the experiences of all those who participated, and should be consulted in conjunction with the above-named source.

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