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Name: Grundmann, Erika
Role: Author (of NZMI article)
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Source: Memories Number 29
Title:German George Returns
Article Abstract:Another instalment in the life of George Dibbern which covers his life in Germany in the 1920's, his decision to leave his wife and family and return to NZ on his vessel TE RAPUNGA in 1930, and his sailing experiences in and around New Zealand , Australia and the Pacific as far away as Canada. The article ends with Dibbern's internment on Somes Island again for the duration of World War 2, the publication of his travel book "Quest" in 1941, and the subsequent friendship with American literary figure Henry Miller. The article gives the names of many of the people who crewed on Dibbern's yacht at various times in these years, including Eileen Morris at a time when it was unusual for women to go to sea as crew on yachts.

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