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Source: Register of maritime personnel
Source ID: 999940001
Abstract: The Register of Maritime Personnel is operated by the New Zealand National Maritime Museum in an effort to collect and make accessible information on anyone with a NZ connection, whose occupation in any way involved the sea or inland waterways. Its scope is very wide, and includes for example boatbuilders and designers, watersiders, water police, ship owners and agents, customs officers, lighthouse keepers, as well as every sort of mariner or fisher, including those with recreational interests. Anyone with information on such an ancestor is welcome to fill out a form with whatever details they wish to share, and contemporary persons are also welcome to fill out one about themselves, giving consent for their use for research purposes. Forms are filed alphabetically by the name of each person, and entries on the deceased persons in the Register are indexed into the NZMI. Those by contemporaries may be viewed at the museum on request, but the names will not be indexed till confirmation of the person's decease is received, or one hundred years from their date of birth. The collection is not currently large (April 2003), but it is hoped will grow in time into a major resource for those interested in this area of research.
Indexing status: Under development
Availability: Available for reference at the New Zealand National Maritime Museum

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