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Cover picture: ss THE MINERVA under way, January 1911

Source: Steamers down the Firth
Source ID: 800010002
Author: Laxon, W A
Publisher:W A Laxon
Abstract: A short history of the Trade form Auckland to Clevedon and Outports, and in particular, of the Clevedon Steam Navigation Company Limited. The book tells the story of the services to Clevedon (known as Wairoa South until the 1880s) in particular, but also includes Howick and the western coast of the Firth of Thames. It covers a period from the 1850s to the 1930s. The Appendix has a list of the vessels concerned, with details of their construction and careers. [This database contains an index of the significant companies and people involved, all the vessels, but only a summary of their careers.]
Indexing status: Indexed for all vessels, plus illustrations, significant people and Organisations.
Availability: Available for reference at NZNMM.

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