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Source: Serpent's Coil
Source ID: 800010003
Author: Mowat, Farley
Publisher:Michael Joseph Ltd
Abstract: The story of the Liberty Ship LEICESTER which ran into a hurricane in 1948. Her ballast shifted, and with a 70 degree list she was abandoned by her crew. Two salvage tugs went out to search for her and eventually located her. They triumphed over many difficulties and towed the LEICESTER into Bermuda. Four days later, a hurricane hit Bermuda, and drove both LEICESTER and tug FOUNDATION JOSEPHINE ashore. They were both salvaged and repaired. [The book tells the story of the vessel, the tugs and the salvage in detail.]
Indexing status: Indexed for major items only.
Availability: Available for reference at New Zealand National Maritime Museum.
Location: 910.91631 M93

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