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Source: New Zealand Marine News
Reference ID:1503004
Publisher:W C Comber
Page:13 of 12 - 18
Title: Anchor Line: Anchor Shipping and Foundry Co Ltd, Nelson
Author: Farquhar, I J
Abstract: Article consists of a steamer fleet list of vessels 1901 - 1963 of the Anchor Line (Anchor Shipping and Foundry Company Limited, Nelson). This was formed from the earlier fleets of N Edwards and Company 1862 - 1880 and Anchor Steam Shipping Compnay 1880 - 1901. (From 1870 - 1880 N Edwards and Company ran their shipping department under the name Anchor Line of Steam Packets).
Descriptor 1: Biographies
Illustration: B&W photo looking down on Nelson wharves in late 1920's. Anchor Company Fleet vessels (not individually identified) at the wharves. Photo: F N Jones, by courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library.

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