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Source: New Zealand Marine News
Reference ID:1804028
Publisher:New Zealand Ship and Marine Society
Title: For the Record: Royal New Zealand Navy News
Author: Leahy, P J; Farquhar, I J; Laxon W A
Abstract: 1. Frigate HMNZS BLACKPOOL arrived on Far East Station 8 Nov 1966. 2. Two minesweepers which have been manned by New Zealanders arrived in England for paying off Dec 1966. They were the HICKELTON and the SANTON. 3. The tradition of there being one or more cruisers stationed in New Zealand waters came to a close when the ROYALIST was paid off late in 1966. Names of other cruisers are listed. The flagship of the future may be the most up to date frigate in commission in our Navy.
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