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Publisher:New Zealand Ship and Marine Society
Title: Nautical News: "Matipo"
Author: Pryce, Michael
Abstract: Member Ian Farquhar recently asked about the fate of MATIPO and was advised that she is still anchored in the roads at Noumea. Her new owner plans to put a second-hand diesel engine into her, plus a brand new shaft, and sail off to Mozambique, where he hopes to farm prawns and live on the ship. Whether this happens we shall have to see in due course, but MATIPO at fiftytwo years old is certainly a survivor.

The history of the former New Zealand coaster was covered in Vol.43, No.2, Vol.46, No.1 and Vol.47, No.2, the latter describing her conversion in 1997 into a floating restaurant alongside the waterfront at Noumea. In Vol.51, No.3 we described how, during March 2003 tropical cyclone "Erica" affected Noumea and on 18th March 2003, MATIPO, with several other vessels, was reported blown aground by high winds from the cyclone. All were assisted by tugs into eventual safety, but some sustained hull and bottom damage.

MATIPO is of 398 gross tonnage, built in 1953 as the BIRGITTE BASS for A.H. Basse, Copenhagen. She was purchased by the Anchor Company of Nelson in 1954 and renamed. She was sold in 1968 and the former New Zealand coaster has been at Noumea since 1969. [Complete article]

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