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Title: The Third Engineer - a poem
Author: Anon

The Third Engineer

When the last X head has been tightened
  And the 3rd Engineer laid to rest
When his tools are all rusted and broken
  Just steal what you think are the best.

For red hot cranks and 2nd's pranks
  Will not our 3rd annoy
For in robes of white he's a shining light
  And an everlasting joy.

No gear to sling or rods to swing
  Or bottom ends to tighten
No nuts to slack or glands to pack
  Or firemen to frighten.

For on that far and distant shore
  Beyond the Vale of Tears
He has passed the portals of the Gate
  Reserved for engineers.

So we will leave him alone in God's acre
  For he has died in his own firm belief
That Heaven is reserved for the workmen
  And Hell set apart for the Chief.

The poem above was to be seen on the bulkhead in the Engineer's Workshop on the floating crane RAPAKI in 2001. There is no mention of the poet or the origin of the poem and so far research has not found it elsewhere. If you can help please get in touch with the New Zealand National Maritime Museum in Auckland.

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