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Source: Settlement by sail. 19th century immigration to New Zealand
Reference ID:888810077
Publisher:GP Publications
Title: [Images of vessels from 'Settlement by sail']
Author: Jackson, Gainor
Abstract: Discusses the social conditions of Victorian Britain that provided the impetus for immigration. Particularly focuses on the 'first fleets' of the earliest settlements in New Zealand. Describes the typical conditions for immigrants aboard vessels on the voyage out to New Zealand in the 19th century, the sailing routes taken, and the risks of such travel, with illustrations of the dangers of icebergs and fire at sea. Includes brief details of some of the shipping lines involved in the NZ immigrant trade.
Descriptor 1: Biographies
Illustration: Mixture of col. Illus. of paintings of (mostly) named vessels, done as re-creations by the author, and b & w 19th century engravings showing typical conditions on board ships and a few places of settlement in NZ. A map of sailing ship routes to NZ is included, P.32.

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