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Source: Mullet boats 'n quotes : a unique insight into an icon of New Zealand sailing craft.
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Title: [Selected illustrations, vessel histories, & biographical material from 'Mullet boats 'n quotes']
Author: Mitchell, Noel
Abstract: PP.5,11,14,17,42,52,97,114, poems.
PP.9,10,13, 15. Includes some historical details about how the Lipton Cup got started and the first race for it in 1922. P.82. A list of Lipton Cup winners from 1922 to 2000,
P.10, 13, 19-21. Discusses the history and development of the mullet boat as a class.
P.30.Compares the design of mullet boats to that of Australian couta boats, which developed in 19th century Victoria to meet similar fishing needs.
P.33. Brief note states that there were 156 mullet boats registered from 1922 to the time of writing of the book from which this statistic is drawn.
P.61. List of L Class 22ft mullet boats appearing in the register of the Ponsonby Cruising Club Yearbook 2000-2001. Arranged by class number then name.
P.82. A list of mullet boats winning the Lipton Cup from 1922 to 2000 inclusive.
P.88. List of mullet boats on the 1946 N Class Register, with owners stated if known.
Descriptor 1: Biographies

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