New Zealand Maritime Index

Source: [Annual report. NZ Marine Department. AJHR]
Reference ID:99993009
Publisher:NZ House of Representatives
Page:H.15: 67 - 69
Title: [People mentioned in Orders in Council relating to maritime concerns in year ending Mar 1917]
Abstract: Source is entitled "Return showing the Orders in Council which have been issued during the year ended 31st March, 1917." All the Orders in Council listed in some way relate to maritime activities, and those that mention the names of persons have been indexed. In all cases the mentions are very brief, and each index entry contains all details available in the source. Entries in this list include the names Na Himi Hare and Catherine McCallum. Note: the entries for Robert P Gibbons (Limited), T M Lane and Sons, and A S Andrewes and Sons, have been indexed here both under the name of the firm and of the individual, but the full entry appears only under the name of the individual eg the entry for Robert P Gibbons (Limited) is found under Gibbons, Robert P.
Descriptor 1: Biographies

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