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1Davis, M    Flourished: 1905 - 1906
Source:   [Annual report. NZ Marine Department. AJHR] 1906   Pages H.15, 18 - 19
Title:      [Amounts paid to disabled seamen for the year ended 31 March, 1906]
2Davis, Matthew
Source:   Dominion post 2005   Page A12
Title:      Sailors' link to land
3Davis, Matthew
Source:   Dominion post 2005   Page A15
Title:      The cook of Cook Strait
4Davis, Matthew
Source:   Dominion post 2005   Page A15
Title:      Wharfside elves deliver Christmas to Wellington
5Davis, Thomas    Flourished: 2002
Source:   New Zealand Marine News 2003 Vol. 51 No. 2   Page 83
Title:      Nautical News: Interisland Line Celebrates Forty Years
6Davis, Thomas    Flourished: 1809
Source:   They came by sea   Page 31
Title:      Whalers and sealers (1801 - 1810)

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