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1Day, A E
Source:   Ordeal By Sea 1949   Pages 105 - 106, + 244
Title:      Losses and savings
Died:      Nov 1941
2Day, Alfred    Flourished: 1875
Source:   Rescue. The Sumner community and its lifeboat service 1998
Title:      Rescue. The Sumner community and its lifeboat service
3Daymond, James, Captain    Flourished: 1847
Source:   New Zealand Marine News 1965 Vol. 17 No. 3   Pages 87-88
Title:      Coastal Traders of the 40's.. (26) Schooner AGNES HAY
4Hollday, James Cunningham    Flourished: 1879 -
Source:   Cyclopedia of New Zealand 1897 Vol. 1
Title:      Wellington provincial district
Born:   1862   

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