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1Day, Alfred    Flourished: 1875
Source:   Rescue. The Sumner community and its lifeboat service 1998
Title:      Rescue. The Sumner community and its lifeboat service
2Day, Bill
Source:   New Zealand Marine News 2000 Vol. 49 No. 3   Pages 129-130
Title:      Nautical News: "Searanger"
Born:   c1958   
3Day, Bill    Flourished: 1979 -
Source:   New Zealand herald 2001
Title:      One-time scuba diver joining world's high-flyers
4Day, L    Flourished: 1910 - 1915
Source:   [Auckland Harbour Board personnel] 1908-1915   Page 1
Title:      [List of salaries AHB 1908 - 1915]
5Day, L    Flourished: 1909 -
Source:   [Auckland Harbour Board Personnel up to Feb 1910]   Pages 1 - 2
Title:      [Details of Traffic Manager's Department personnel in Feb 1910].
Born:   c1891   

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