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1Douglas, James Edward, Captain    Flourished: 1911 - 1925
Source:   Northern Steam Ship Company scrapbook 1922- 1933 Vol. 1
Title:      Asleep at the wheel. Cause of ferry mishap. Ferry boat strikes hulk.
2Douglas, W R    Flourished: c1918
Source:   [Annual report. NZ Marine Department. AJHR] 1919   Pages H.15: 1 - 27
Title:      [General statement of the 1919 Annual Report of the Marine Department]
3Douglas, W R    Flourished: 1869 -
Source:   Alphabetical list of officers of the NZ Government 1871   Pages G.10, 3 - 33
Title:      [Persons with maritime occupations selected from a list of government employees, July 1871]
4Douglas, W R    Flourished: 1869 -
Source:   Nominal roll of the civil establishment of NZ 1873   Pages H.24, 1 - 36
Title:      [Persons with maritime occupations selected from an alphabetical of government employees, July 1873]

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