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1Gibbs, Abraham John Starke, Captain
Source:   Boating New Zealand 1999 No. 158   Pages 62 - 64
Title:      Vintage viewpoint : C.P.Murdoch , , , First Commodore of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, 1902
2Gibbs, E    Flourished: 1914
Source:   Richardsons of Napier: a century of coastal shipping 1859-1959 1959
Title:      [Selected illustrations & biographical material from 'Richardsons of Napier']
3Gibbs, F E    Flourished: c1850
Source:   New Zealand's Maritime Heritage 1987   Pages 54-58
Title:      Smoke on the Horizon
4Gibbs, Ginger    Flourished: 2006
Source:   New Zealand herald. Herald on Sunday 2006   Page 16
Title:      'Pirate' bids for Tasman record
5Gibbs, Ginger    Flourished: 2006
Source:   New Zealand herald   Page C28
Title:      Ginger's swashbuckling adventure
6Gibbs, John Gregory Meredith    Flourished: 1905
Source:   [NZ Electoral roll, General Election, 6 Dec 1905] 1905
Title:      [Waitemata supplementary roll: list of voters with seaman's electoral right.]
7Gibbs, Reginald    Flourished: 1915-1917
Source:   Rescue. The Sumner community and its lifeboat service 1998
Title:      Rescue. The Sumner community and its lifeboat service
8Gibbs, Sophia Elizabeth    Flourished: 1888 - 1892
Source:   Index to the NZ section of the register..1840-1950
Title:      [Women owners extracted from listed vessel owners in the 'Watt Index' 1840 - 1950.]

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