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1Gregory, A
Source:   Index to the NZ section of the register..1840-1950 Vol. 5   Pages 177-193
Title:      [Masters listed in 'Watt Index']
2Gregory, Arthur V    Flourished: 1868 to 1957
Source:   Bearings 1993 Vol. 5 No. 1   Pages 8-11
Title:      Arthur Gregory: ship portraitist
3Gregory, Matthew    Flourished: 1869 -
Source:   Alphabetical list of officers of the NZ Government 1871   Pages G.10, 3 - 33
Title:      [Persons with maritime occupations selected from a list of government employees, July 1871]
4Gregory, William    Flourished: 1908
Source:   [NZ Electoral roll, General Election, 1908]
Title:      [Chalmers supplementary roll: list of voters with seaman's electoral right.]

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