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1King, -    Flourished: 1843
Source:   New Zealand Marine News 1964 Vol. 16 No. 2   Pages 34-37
Title:      Coastal Traders of the '40's - CATHERINE JOHNSTONE's role in history.
2King, -
Source:   Mullet boats 'n quotes : a unique insight into an icon of New Zealand sailing craft. 2000
Title:      [Selected illustrations, vessel histories, & biographical material from 'Mullet boats 'n quotes']
3King, -    Flourished: 1918
Source:   [Annual report. NZ Marine Department. AJHR] 1919   Pages H.15: 78- 80
Title:      [People mentioned in Orders in Council relating to maritime concerns in year ending Mar 1919]
4King, -, Governor    Flourished: c1806
Source:   They came by sea   Page 20
Title:      Whalers and sealers (1801 - 1810)
5King, -    Flourished: 1911 - 1912
Source:   [Annual report. NZ Marine Department. AJHR] 1912   Page H.15, 49
Title:      [Prosecutions in connection with fish and oysters]

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