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1Upton, H L, Captain
Source:   New Zealand Marine News 1985 Vol. 36 No. 1   Pages 5-14
Title:      A Captive's Diary
2Upton, H L, Captain    Flourished: 1940
Source:   New Zealand herald 1941   Page 9
Title:      The Rangitane. Passengers and crew. 312 persons on board. Full list of names
3Upton, H L, Captain    Flourished: 1940
Source:   Ordeal By Sea 1949   Pages 46 - 56 + 245
Title:      CAMBRIDGE and RANGITANE sunk
4Upton, H L, Captain    Flourished: 1940's
Source:   Ordeal By Sea 1949   Page 251
Title:      Honours and awards

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