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1Young, M N    Flourished: 1979
Source:   New Zealand Marine News 1980 Vol. 30 No. 2   Pages 86-87
Title:      For the Record: Captain Cook Cruises Limited
2Young, Mervyn    Flourished: 2000
Source:   New Zealand Marine News 2000 Vol. 49 No. 2   Pages 98-99
Title:      Nautical News: Pacfic Ferries Ltd.
3Young, Tasman (Tassie) Lewis    Flourished: 1920's
Source:   Sealers and whalers in New Zealand waters 1986
Title:      [Selected illustrations from 'Sealers and whalers in New Zealand waters']
4Young, Thomas Henry
Source:   [Annual report. NZ Marine Department. AJHR] 1910   Page H.15, 39
Title:      [Estates of deceased seamen up to 31 March, 1910]
Died:      c1908

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