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801New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1973
Lone sailor survives battering
802New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1971
Auckland wharf leader of 1951 crisis dies: Biography File: BOULTON, Leslie C [This item on Drennan appears ...
803New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1973
Dived into harbour to save girl
804New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1973
Research ship ready by mid-February
805New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1977
Attempt to cross Tasman: Biography File: PEARCE, Brian
806New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1978
Tasman bid may not be a first: Biography File: PEARCE, Brian
807New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1978
Tasman bid ahead: Biography File: PEARCE, Brian
808New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1973
Biography File: PEARCE, Brian
809New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1973
Power boat men at Tauranga: Biography File: PEARCE, Brian
810New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1973
Round NZ by runabout: Biography File: PEARCE, Brian
811New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1973
Obituary. Capt. T. T. Oliver
812New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1973
Work on youth yacht
813New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1971
Indian Ocean crossed by lone rower: Biography File: SVEDLUND, Anders
814New Zealand herald 1970-1979: 1970
Lone rower sets out: Biography File: SVEDLUND, Anders
815New Zealand herald 1980-1989 1982
Nightmare mercy trip: Biography File: CAREY, Harry
816New Zealand herald 1980-1989 1985
There's still salt in Bert's veins: Biography File: JONES, Bert [Photocopy of 1 page of an article that con...
817New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1994
Sailing dinghy launched career: Biography File: BLAKE, Peter.
818New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1999
Hovercraft inventor dies: Biography File: COCKERELL, C.
819New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1996
Different Den: Biography File: CONNER, Dennis.
820New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1995
Kerikeri radio shutdown considered no problem: Biography File: CULLEN, J & M
821New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1996
Volunteer saviours of the sea hang up their microphones: Biography File: CULLEN, J & M
822New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1997
Heyerdahl feted 50 years after Kon Tiki voyage: Biography File: HEYERDAHL, Thor
823New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1997
Victory at last for the merchant navy: Biography File: LAW, Bill
Short article that describes the commemoration of merchant navy war dead of World War 2 from the Auckland region, at the Auckland Museum. Quotes from 2 veterans, of the di...
824New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1999
Pioneer of shipping trade dies: Biography File: OWENS, Bob
825New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1995
Captain of tall ships era dies aged 91: Biography File: MUNRO, Donald Robert
826New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1997
World knocking at his door: Biography File: RIDGE, Tim
827New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1995
The great-grandsons: Biography File: SEAGER, Edward
828New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1993
Captain Kath pines for sewing: Biography File: WALKER, Katherine
829New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1994
Yachts' saviours feeling pinch after big rescue: Biogrpahy File: CULLEN, J & M
830New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1997
Sailors' flying angel takes a break: Biography File: GILES, Fay
831New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1997
Rainbow warrior skipper puts family first now: Biography file: WILLCOX, Peter
832New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1997
Briefly. Under Way: Biography File: MUNOZ, Kitin
833New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1995
[Queen's Birthday Honours list.]: Biography File: ROBBINS, Larry
834New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1997
Helmsman steers towards safe seas: Biography File: KILVINGTON, Russell. [Poor quality photocopy of article.]
835New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1995
Seamen's friend the 'Padre' dies aged 87: Biography File: BROWN, John Lawley
836New Zealand herald 1990-1999 1994
Wonderful shipmate and teacher: Biography File: LITTLE, Michael Patrick
837New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2000
Captain unsung hero in Port Gore rescue: BIOGRAPHY FILE: BREW, John
838New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2001
Blake leaps into new role: BIOGRAPHY FILE: BLAKE, Peter
839New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2000
Blake leaves Cousteau Society for water project: BIOGRAPHY FILE: BLAKE, Peter
840New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2002
One ferry shrewd granny: BIOGRAPHY FILE: SUBRITZKY, Mona
841New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2001
One-time scuba diver joining world's high-flyers: BIOGRAPHY FILE: DAY, Bill
842New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2001
Man for all seasons: BIOGRAPHY FILE: INGRAM, Keith
843New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Tom Clark was 'business giant': BIOGRAPHY FILE: CLARK, Tom
844New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Cool, skilled and valiant in action: BIOGRAPHY FILE: TAIT, Sir (Allan) Gordon
845New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Coutts changes tack from helmsman to designer: BIOGRAPHY FILE: COUTTS, Russell
846New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Get a board and be prepared: BIOGRAPHY FILE: TOWNSEND, Greg
Overview of the surfing scene in New Zealand. Includes brief biographical details on Greg Townsend the head of Surfing New Zealand and comments on his administrative ...
847New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Top of the class at the second go: BIOGRAPHY FILE: Evans, Carl
Profile of teenage yachting champion Carl Evans.
848New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Tidelines. New life for crack Logan 18-footer: Short item on relaunch of historic yacht.
849New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Exporter a modern legend: BIOGRAPHY FILE: HEMBROW, Tony
Includes brief details of Hembrow's career and a profile of the boatbuilding company Rayglass which he heads.
850New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Veteran yacht reborn to speed: BIOGRAPHY FILE: BROOKE, Robert
851New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
[Death notices for Dan Luther]: BIOGHRAPHY FILE: LUTHER, Edward Arthur Daniel (Dan)
852New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
[Death notices for Captain G W (Warwick) Dunsford]: BIOGRAPHY FILE: DUNSFORD, G W (Warwick)
853New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Endless summer: BIOGRAPHY FILE: HURUNUI, Lisa.
Discusses surfing as an international professional sport, including details of the system of competition and how surfers earn money through prizes and endorsements. ...
854New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
In her wake. Why New Zealand produces so many world champions: BIOGRAPHY FILE: KELLY, Nikki
Looks at various minority sports played by New Zealanders who are at the very top level of their sport in the world, and are almost completely unrecognised at home. Inc...
855New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2004
The princess of whales: BIOGRAPHY FILE: VISSER, Ingrid
856New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
'Pirate' bids for Tasman record: BIOGRAPHY FILE: GIBBS, Ginger
Brief description of the intended record-breaking crossing of the Tasman Sea by powerboat from Sydney to Auckland. The previous speed record appears to be held by the ...
857New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2001
Wharfies' breaks spelled outcries: BIOGRAPHY FILE: BARNES,Jock 
858New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Surf lifesavers adopt the Anzac spirit.: Describes how Surf Live Saving NZ has made an agreement with its Australian counterpart to work together on research, training, standards, and levels of qualification, although will otherwise remain s...
859New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2003
Sailmaker to the stars of racing: BIOGRAPHY FILE: LIDGARD, Jim
860New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Sailor survived for months in icy seas: Short obituary.
861New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Last word. Doyen of Auckland waterfront: BIOGRAPHY FILE: LORIMER, Bob
Obituary of Bob Lorimer (83), OBE, former general manager of the Auckland Harbour Board.
862New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Mad sailor Peter Bethune: BIOGRAPHY FILE: BETHUNE, Peter
863New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2002
Modern Viking sailed to defy scholars
864New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2002
A life of the water
865New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2002
Human face of high finance
866New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Navy hero 'outstanding seaman': Obituary of Commodore Brian Turner, OBE, DSC, USA Legion of Merit, who has died at the age of 89. Gives details of his naval career, inclucing an accout of his rescuing the British freighter HUPEH fro...
867New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Solo sailor tried to live on seawater: Short obituary.
868New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Jetski duo complete anti-skin cancer mission: BIOGRAPHY FILE: BURTON, Brad
Short description of the 22 day circumnavigation of New Zealand by two men on jet skis to promote awareness of the risks of skin cancer.
869New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Ceramco founder dies at 88: BIOGRAPHY FILE: CLARK, Tom
870New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Life and times of a green pirate: Detailed profile of Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace and founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Includes his views on the New Zealand Government's attitude to Japanese whaling in Antar...
871New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2000
Museum ponders life after the cup: Article speculates about the likely effects on the New Zealand Maritime Museum of the ending of the America's Cup competition in 2000. Includes statistics of visitor numbers and figures relating to th...
872New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Round the world in 65 days - on vegetable oil: BIOGRAPHY FILE: BETHUNE, Peter
Peter Bethune is the skipper of the 24m vessel EARTHRACE which in March 2007 will make an attempt on the world record for power boat circumnavigation of the world, wh...
873New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Ears wide open for distress calls: BIOGRAPHY FILE: GROOM, Barry
Describes the work of Waikuku Marine Radio which is operated by Barry and Lynnette Groom of Christchurch, to assist mariners travelling throughout the South Pacific. In...
874New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Black gold fires up the coast: BIOGRAPHY FILE: STAPLETON, David
Describes the economic upswing being experienced by the West Coast region of the South Island. The opening of a new coal mine and the prospect of exporting coal to...
875New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2000
[Family death notices for Ian Lewis Forrest]
876New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Port's new boss exudes a quiet confidence: BIOGRAPHY FILE: CAIRNS, Mark
Discusses the present conditions in which the Ports of Tauranga operate and the new chief executive Mark Cairns who is taking over from John Mayson.
877New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Reliving history at the Bay: Describes plans for the first-ever Marlinspike Seamanship Trophy to be competed for at Paihia on 5 November, 2005. The trophy is intended to encourage the revival of seamanship skills of the past, an...
878New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Outboard's time has come: BIOGRAPHY FILE: CRANSTON, Bill
Discusses a prototype high-performance 12m fast cruiser which its developer Bill Cranston has name SeaBandit. Describes the technical features of the craft and inclu...
879New Zealand herald 2000-2009:
Ginger's swashbuckling adventure: BIOGRAPHY FILE: GIBBS, Ginger
Describes the preparation and outfitting of the powerboat SWASHBUCKLERS in the successful record-breaking attempt on the trans-Tasman speed record. Describes the refue...
880New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Value of a staunch helmsman: BIOGRAPHY FILE: MAYSON, Jon
881New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Big gains in slow lane: Describes how Roger Arkell, former president of the Powerboat Race Organisation, has acquired the 1930's launch TIROMOANA, and has learned to appreciate another, more leisurely form, of boating experi...
882New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Peak practice on the water: Discusses the role of the Auckland Regional Council's Harbourmaster John Lee-Richards in balancing the competing needs of recreational vessels, ferries, and commercial shipping in Auckland's harbour a...
883New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2000
[Family death notice for Gordon James Clemo]
884New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Like being forever fourteen: BIOGRAPHY FILE: GISBY, John
Profile of long-time champion surfer John Gisby whose collection of antique surfboards is now held at the local museum in Gisborne where he lives and has kept detailed r...
885New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Yachting laser world championshps. Murdoch makes his mark: BIOGRAPHY FILE: MURDOCH, Andrew
886New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2005
Torbay celebrates homegrown world champion: BIOGRAPHY FILE: MCLAY, Blair
Profile of Blair McLay (18) holder of the world youth Laser Radial title in yachting.
887New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2006
Veteran helms racing revival: BIOGRAPHY FILE: BENNETT, Harold
Describes the career of yacht racing administrator Harold Bennett who has taken on the task of being the principal race officer for the newly revived Auckland Match ...
888New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2002
Escape from Crete: An account of how the sailing experience of young Maori yachtsman Bella Johnston of Auckland, helped to save a number of soldiers from Crete in World War 2, because he was able to skipper a fishing b...
889New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2002
Treasure on our doorstep: Describes the New National Maritime Museum as a world-class asset that is better appreciated by visitors than Aucklanders. The museum's latest developments and plans are described, and details given o...
890New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2001
Adventurer loves a challenge: BIOGRAPHY FILE: LEWIS, David
891New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2000
No denying call of sea: BIOGRAPHY FILE: LEWIS, David
892New Zealand herald 2000-2009: 2001
Famed sea dog has his day of glory: BIOGRAPHY FILE: LEWIS, David
893New Zealand herald [1940-49] : 1940
Naval promotion. Young Aucklander. Seaman gains commission. Second Dominion rating.
894New Zealand herald [1940-49] : 1940
Naval award. Son of Aucklander. Commander Hewitt, DSO. Ship named after city.: Career profile of Commander Hewitt and some details of HMS AUCKLAND which was named after the city of Auckland, New Zealand.
895New Zealand herald [1940-49] : 1940
Seafarer's death. Captain J P Kasper. Coastal service shipping: BIOGRAPHY FILE: KASPER, John Parker
896New Zealand herald [1940-49] : 1940
Harbour appointment. Pilot at Dunedin.: BIOGRAPHY FILE: STEWART, M D
Career profile.
897New Zealand herald [1940-49] : 1940
Aucklanders' deaths. Trawler strikes mine
898New Zealand herald [1940-49] : 1941
[Two views of women surf lifesavers in 1940]: Photos with captions only. One view shows a group of women of the Milford Girls' Club giving a demonstration of surf lifesaving at Brown's Bay, Auckland: an 'unconscious drowning victim' being brought...
899New Zealand herald [1940-49] : 1940
100th birthday. Life of adventures. Mr Thornhill Cooper. Wanderings about the world: BIOGRAPHY FILE: COOPER, Thornhill
Biographical profile of centenarian.
900New Zealand herald [1940-49] : 1940
Vessel shelled. Missing HOLMWOOD. Discovery of wreckage. Shrapnel found in timber: BIOGRAPHY FILE: MILLER, James
Brief item on the first news of the loss of the HOLMWOOD to enemy action in World War 2.


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