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Source:    New Zealand Marine News 1964-65 Volume 16 Number 3
1Edwin Fox . . A Restoration Project
Editorial on the proposal by N.Z. Historic Places Trust to refloat and recondition the hull of the EDWIN FOX. The Editorial introduces the following article, which is a history of the EDWIN FOX.
2EDWIN FOX . . A Short History
Short but detailed history of the EDWIN FOX, from her building in Bengal to her use as a hulk at Picton.
3Naval Movements
Brief items about the deployment of Naval vessels in New Zealand.
4Ships of the Southern Ocean
Text of a lecture about some of the early sailing vessels which sailed the Southern Ocean. Starts with Cook's vessels and goes on to whaling ships and then other research vessels.
5Photograph - "Naess Champion"
Photograph of NAESS CHAMPION which was fully described in Vol.16 No.2.
6Mail Barrel: Obituary
Short obituary of Mr B.O.V. Hoskin, a regular attender at Wellington Society meetings.
7Mail Barrel: "A Voyage in Sail"
Publication "A Voyage in Sail" has recently been reprinted. It is the story of a deck boy in the WAIMATE on a voyage from England to New Zealand 1881-1882.
8Mail Barrel: "Lord Ashley"
A letter from Mrs W.O. Googe, Brisbane, asking if there were two LORD ASHLEYs. A vessel of this name is believed to have sunk off Terrigal 9 Sep 1877.
9Mail Barrel: Personal
Rev. W.C. Comber, Dominion President of N.Z. Ship and Marine Society, returned to Wellington 19 Oct 1964 on board the SOUTHERN CROSS after a 10 month holiday overseas.
10Mail Barrel: Question
Mr Bryant would like to know the fate of the vessels RIMU, GAEL WAKATERE and AUPORI.
11Mail Barrel: Long Line of McLeods
Letter from Ian McLeod concerning his forbears and an almost unbroken association with the sea. His great-grandfather John McLeod landed in the Bay of Islands in 1838 and was a shipbuilder and Master...
12The Name through the years - XX: "TAINUI"
Detailed history of a number of vessels named TAINUI, varying from Auckland harbour ferries to Shaw Savill liners. Tainui is a Maori tribal name, and also the name of one of the canoes of the Great M...
13Fourteen Reasons.. Why a ship is a "She"
A list of 14 reasons why a ship should be regarded as a "She".
Description of an undated voyage in the WAIRAU from Wellington to Port Underwood to load wool from the local farms, and then on to Blenheim.
15Port News: Marsden Point
Progress of the oil refinery at Marsden Point and the vessels visiting the port.
16Port News: Auckland
Recent maritime activity in the Port of Auckland. It includes the re-opening of the port of Warkworth, with visits by the auxiliary scow OWHAITI.
17Port News: Napier
Recent maritime activities in the port of Napier, with particular reference to the island phosphate trade.
18Port News: Otago
Recent maritime activity in the port of Otago.
19Port News: Bluff
Details of two tankers that have visited Bluff recently.
20Port News: Apia, Samoa
News of martime activity at the port of Apia, Samoa.
21New Wellington overseas shipping terminal
Cover picture and caption only - of NORTHERN STAR alongside Wellington's new overseas passenger terminal. To be fully described in the next issue of "Marine News"

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