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Source:    Bearings 1991 Volume 3 Number 2
Yacht being lifted into storage at Museum
2Hobson Wharf : the new plan
Three stage development plan for Hobson Wharf
3Olaf Peek: model-maker
Model maker at work on ENDEAVOUR. materials and methods.
4The Guano Ships
The history of the guano trade to NZ. Guano ships, islands, problems and mishaps at sea.
5Training our boatbuilders: The National School of Boatbuilding.
The origins of the school, the work undertaken by the students, the skills taught, the cost and the future.
6New Zealand Sugar Company
Advert showing RONA at sugar works Auckland.
7Dolphin, Ariki, Miss Georgia
Short article on sailing vessels and a runabout.
8The Heritage Vessel Race
The original Hobson Wharf Heritage Vessel race in which 28 vessels took part.
9Aramoana: the early days
A detailed description of the 1938 Arch Logan designed yacht ARAMOANA in her early days.
10Rebuilding the ARAMOANA
Detailed article on the rebuilding of the ARAMOANA from 1985 onwards.
11Restorations, Half-models and Engines
Restoration of big mullet boat CORONA has begun. Half mode of yacht PERI has been gifted to the Museum. A Blaxland Chapman two cylinder two-stroke marine engine has been gifted to the Museum.
12The Z Class Worlds
The Ponsonby Cruising Club was host to a couple of dozen Zeddies in Feb 1991 for the World Championships.
13Looking after historic yachts
Description of YUM YUM which now sits in the Museum shed on Princes Wharf, safe from wind and rain, awaiting developments.
14ANNA ROSA: coming and going
A pair of photographs published to mark the departure of the ANNAs from Auckland, just before Christmas, 1990.
15Guardians Sail to Riverhead
A number of small vessels proceeded to Riverhead at the invitation of the Guardians of the Upper Harbour, to support the Guardians in their concerns for the protection of this part of the Waitemata.
16[Back-cover photograph]


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