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Source:    Bearings 1991 Volume 3 Number 4
1What's in a Name, or the Ultimate Origins of the New Zealand Scow
Traces the origins of the New Zealand scow back to the Great Lakes, but goes on to point out that the source of these of the Eastern American scows was the Dutch schouw.
2Boeing Flying Boats [letter]
History of flying boats in NZ - a letter with details of the 12 Boeing 314 and 314A flying boats. Letter refers to Vol.3. No.3
3The Nugget [letter]
Details of ship mentioned in "The Little Ships of Wakatipu" in Vol.3 No.3. During her career, she had carried 7 names.
4The PET: Chas Bailey Snrs ram-bowed 'Crack'.
Details and a history of the 25 foot PET built by Charles Bailey Snr in 1877.
5Bodies at the beach: a history of swimwear
The history of swimwear in NZ and changing attitudes over time and the influence of fashions and gender roles.
6The M-class: a Patiki with a pedigree
Since 1922, 18-foot Restricted M Class yachts have been a feature on the Waitemata Harbour. The article covers the history of the class.
7Three in a row: building the new M's
In the HOBSON WHARF shed on Princes Wharf, Owen Reid is building 3 identical 18 footers for the 68 year-old M Class.
History of the 52 ft wooden fishing boat GOLDEN LIGHT from construction to the present day.
9Exploring the Pacific : Canoes and Navigation
The construction features of various Pacific Island canoes and navigation skills and methods needed to travel the Pacific.


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