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Source:    [Annual report. NZ Marine Department. AJHR] 1874
1[General statement of the 1874 Annual Report of the Marine Department]
A general statement of the work of the Marine Department in the year up to June 1874. Includes a few brief mentions of persons in some way involved with the activities of the department. These have be...
2[Selected shipping casualties & wrecks, July 1873 to June 1874]
Source is a list entitled "Return of wrecks on which Inquiries have been held under 'The Inquiry into Wrecks Act,' or for which casualty returns have been received, between 1st July, 1873, and 30th Ju...
3[General pilotage exemption certificates issued 1873 - 1874]
Source is a list entitled " Return of exemption certificates issued during the financial year 1873 - 74." Each entry has the number of the certificate, the name of the master to whom it was issued, na...

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