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1ADELAIDE   Vessel ID: 1089402  ON: 89402
Details:Passenger cargo Built: 1883
Owner:Adelaide Steam Ship Co
Source:Steamships of Australia and New Zealand
Title:[Vessel illustrations from 'Steamships of Australia and New Zealand']
Link:Maritime History Archive Crew Lists
2ADELAIDE   Vessel ID: 1089402  ON: 89402
Source:Passenger ships of Australia and New Zealand 1876-1912 Vol. 1
Title:[Vessel illustrations from 'Passenger ships of Australia and New Zealand. 1876-1912. Vol 1.']
3ADELAIDE (HMAS)   Vessel ID: 500110048
Details:Naval vessel Tonnage: 5,100
Source:Auckland Shipping Movements
Title:Port of Auckland - ship arrivals and departures
4ADELAIDE   Vessel ID: 500501017
Details:Sailing ship
Source:New Zealand's Maritime Heritage 1987   Pages 42-45
5ADELAIDE   Vessel ID: 588881907
Source:Pacific square-riggers
Title:[Images of vessels from 'Pacific square-riggers.']
6ADELAIDE   Vessel ID: 599990146
Source:George Allen's essay dated 22 June 1885   Pages 1- 6
Title:[Biographical material on George Allen]

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