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1ALEXANDER CRAIG   Vessel ID: 1100215  ON: 100215
Details: Built: 1891 Tonnage: 520 gross
Owner:Northern Steam Ship Company Limited
Source:Northern Steam Ship Company Exhibition 2001
Title:Northern Steam Ship Company - the Fleet.
2ALEXANDER CRAIG   Vessel ID: 1100215  ON: 100215
Details:Barque Built: 1891 Tonnage: 520
Source:Sails beneath the Southern Cross 1954
Title:[Images of vessels in 'Sails beneath the Southern Cross']
3ALEXANDER CRAIG   Vessel ID: 1100215  ON: 100215
Details:Barque Tonnage: 520
Source:Sailing ships of the Tasman Sea 1984
Title:[Images from 'Sailing ships of the Tasman Sea.']
4ALEXANDER CRAIG   Vessel ID: 1100215  ON: 100215
Source:A chronology of the sea career - Percy Allen Eaddy   Page [2 +1 ]
Title:A chronology of the sea career of Percy Allen Eaddy
5ALEXANDER CRAIG   Vessel ID: 501000255
Details:Barque Built: 1892
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1978 Vol. 29 No. 2
Title:[List of vessel images for this volume]

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