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1ALEXANDRA   Vessel ID: 1082709  ON: 82709
Details:Paddle steamer
Source:Harbour ferries of Auckland
Title:[Vessel illustrations from 'Harbour ferries of Auckland']
2ALEXANDRA   Vessel ID: 9225407  LR/IMO: 9225407
Details:Container ship Built: 2000 Tonnage: 32,214 gross
Source:Auckland Shipping Movements
Title:Port of Auckland - ship arrivals and departures
Link:SeapixOnline Ship Photographs
3ALEXANDRA   Vessel ID: 500500419
Details:Steamer Tonnage: 29.88 gross
Owner:Black and Gordon
Source:Bearings 1991 Vol. 3 No. 4   Page 3
Title:The Nugget [letter]
4ALEXANDRA   Vessel ID: 551010018
Details:Lifeboat Built: 1862
Owner:Canterbury Provincial Government
Source:New Zealand Marine News 2002 Vol. 51 No. 1   Pages 11-19, Cover
Title:Canterbury's Nineteenth Century Specially-designed Lifeboats
5ALEXANDRA   Vessel ID: 588880194
Source:New Zealand memories No. 2
Title:[Images of vessels from Issue 2 of 'New Zealand Memories']
6ALEXANDRA   Vessel ID: 588882111
Source:New Zealand shipwrecks. 195 years of disaster at sea. 1990
Title:[Images of vessels from 'New Zealand shipwrecks. 195 years of disaster at sea.']

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