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1ARGUS   Vessel ID: 1157647  ON: 157647
Details:Coaster Built: 1928 Tonnage: 448 gross
Owner:Roose Shipping Company
Source:Fair Winds and Rough Seas. The story of the Holm Shipping Company 1975   Pages 230-245
Title:Fair Winds and Rough Seas - Fleet List
2ARGUS (HMS)   Vessel ID: 588880734
Details:Aircraft carrier
Source:History of ships 1978
Title:[Images of vessels from the work 'History of Ships.']
3WAR ARGUS   Vessel ID: 588880898
Details: Built: 1918
Source:Emigrant ships…1946 - 1972 1992
Title:[Illustrations of ships from 'Emigrant ships... 1946 - 1972']

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