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1HANNAH   Vessel ID: 588882347
Source:Rocking the boat? A history of Scales Corporation Limited. 2002
Title:[Images of vessels from 'Rocking the boat? A history of Scales Corporations Limited.']
2HANNAH AND ELIZA   Vessel ID: 599960019
Owner:Rotch, William
Source:They came by sea   Page 18
Title:Whalers and sealers (1801 - 1810)
3HANNAH ROKAU   Vessel ID: 531040005
Owner:J.H.Waller & Company
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1981 Vol. 31 No. 4   Pages 111-137
Title:A Trial of Strength (concluded)
4JANE HANNAH   Vessel ID: 1061003  ON: 61003
Details:Schooner Built: 1870
Source:Register of maritime personnel
Title:[Biographical information on people connected in any way to the sea or inland waterways of NZ.]

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