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1HAUTAPU   Vessel ID: 1172881  ON: 172881
Details:Fishing vessel
Source:New Zealand tragedies. Shipwrecks and maritime disasters. 1991
Title:[Images of vessels from 'New Zealand tragedies. Shipwrecks and maritime disasters.']
2HAUTAPU   Vessel ID: 515030000
Details:Minesweeper Built: 1942
Owner:Royal New Zealand Navy
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1963-64 Vol. 15 No. 3   Page 1
Title:[Untitled. Discusses the cover photo of the trawler HAUTAPU aground]
3HAUTAPU   Vessel ID: 518040090
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1967 Vol. 18 No. 4   Page 127
Title:For the Record: MAIMAI
4HAUTAPU   Vessel ID: 530030037
Details:Trawler Built: 1943 Tonnage: 272 gross
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1980 Vol. 30 No. 3   Pages Cover, 91-99
Title:Shipbreaking and Pacific Scrap Ltd
5HAUTAPU (HMNZS)   Vessel ID: 530030080
Details:Minesweeper Built: 1943-44 Tonnage: 447 tons
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1980 Vol. 30 No. 3   Pages 114-115
6HAUTAPU   Vessel ID: 588881596
Details:Motor vessel Built: 1927 Tonnage: 284
Owner:Northern Steam Ship Company
Source:A century of shipping in NZ. The 20th century. 2000
Title:[Images of ships from 'A century of shipping in New Zealand. The twentieth century.']
7HAUTAPU   Vessel ID: 588881737
Details:Fishing vessel
Source:New Zealand's shipwreck gallery 1983
Title:[Images of vessels from 'New Zealand's shipwreck gallery.']

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