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1TAIAROA   Vessel ID: 1073783  ON: 73783
Details:Passenger ship Built: 1875 Tonnage: 438 gross
Owner:Union Steam Ship Company
Source:A Century of Style. Great Ships of the Union Line 1875-1976 1982   Pages 211-231
Title:Appendix II Fleet List
2TAIAROA   Vessel ID: 1073783  ON: 73783
Source:New Zealand's shipwreck gallery 1983
Title:[Images of vessels from 'New Zealand's shipwreck gallery.']
3TAIAROA   Vessel ID: 1073783  ON: 73783
Source:Wreck book
Title:[Images of vessels from 'Rediscovered NZ shipwrecks. The wreck book.]
4TAIAROA   Vessel ID: 1073783  ON: 73783
Source:New Zealand shipwrecks. 195 years of disaster at sea. 1990
Title:[Images of vessels from 'New Zealand shipwrecks. 195 years of disaster at sea.']
5TAIAROA   Vessel ID: 5348926  LR/IMO: 5348926
Details:Trawler Built: 1943 Tonnage: 261 gross
Owner:Burns Henderson Halber
Source:New Zealand Ships Illustrated 1988-89   Pages 154-187
Title:Part 4 Fishing Vessels
6TAIAROA   Vessel ID: 501001252
Details:Trawler Built: 1943
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1999 Vol. 48 No. 1
Title:[List of vessel images for this volume]

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