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1TAWANUI   Vessel ID: 1315008  ON: 315008
Details:Motor ship Built: 1959 Tonnage: 891 gross
Owner:Northern Steam Ship Company Limited
Source:Northern Steam Ship Company Exhibition 2001
Title:Northern Steam Ship Company - the Fleet.
2TAWANUI   Vessel ID: 1315008  ON: 315008
Details:Motor vessel
Source:The era of coastal shipping in New Zealand. 2003
Title:[Images of ships from 'The era of coastal shipping in New Zealand. The small motor ships.']
3TAWANUI   Vessel ID: 500116712
Details:Motor vessel Tonnage: 891 gross
Owner:Northern Steam Ship Company
Source:Auckland Shipping Movements
Title:Port of Auckland - ship arrivals and departures
4TAWANUI   Vessel ID: 501000478
Details:Coaster Built: 1959
Owner:Northern Steam Ship Company Limited
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1985 Vol. 36 No. 1
Title:[List of vessel images for this volume]
5TAWANUI   Vessel ID: 512000211
Owner:Hay, Don
Source:Boating New Zealand 2000 No. 171   Pages 61 - 63
Title:Vintage viewpoint : the Hays of Pigeon Bay and their Bailey launches, part II
6TAWANUI   Vessel ID: 525020003
Owner:Northern Steam Ship Company
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1974 Vol. 25 No. 2
Title:For the Record: "Jean Phillippe"
7TAWANUI   Vessel ID: 588881086
Details:Motor vessel
Source:Servants of the North 1977
Title:[Pictures of vessels from 'Servants of the North.']
8TAWANUI   Vessel ID: 588881724
Details:Coaster Tonnage: 891
Owner:Northern Steam Ship Company
Source:Canterbury coasters 1987
Title:[Images of ships and people from 'Canterbury Coasters.']

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