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1TE RAPUNGA   Vessel ID: 500116723
Details:Yacht Tonnage: 8 gross
Source:Auckland Shipping Movements
Title:Port of Auckland - ship arrivals and departures
2TE RAPUNGA   Vessel ID: 571780000
Owner:Dibbern, George
Source:Weekly news 1936
Title:[Ketch TE RAPUNGA arrives in Hawaii]
3TE RAPUNGA   Vessel ID: 571780001
Source:Auckland weekly news 1936
Title:German yacht on world cruise. New Zealand girl a member of the crew
4TE RAPUNGA   Vessel ID: 599990076
Source:[Unidentified source on George Dibbern]   Page [2 + 2]
Title:The Story of George Dibbern's "QUEST"
5TE RAPUNGA   Vessel ID: 599990082
Source:Memories No. 29
Title:German George Returns
6TE RAPUNGA   Vessel ID: 599990083
Source:[Unsourced newspaper clipping] 1935
Title:Ocean cruise. Three men and a girl. TE RAPUNGA in gales etc.
7TE RAPUNGA   Vessel ID: 599990084
Source:[Possibly New Zealand Herald?] 1947
Title:TE RAPUNGA arrives

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