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1VICTORIA   Vessel ID: 1082698  ON: 82698
Details:Paddle steamer
Source:Harbour ferries of Auckland
Title:[Vessel illustrations from 'Harbour ferries of Auckland']
2VICTORIA   Vessel ID: 1110996  ON: 110996
Source:Passenger ships of Australia and New Zealand 1876-1912 Vol. 1
Title:[Vessel illustrations from 'Passenger ships of Australia and New Zealand. 1876-1912. Vol 1.']
Link:Maritime History Archive Crew Lists
3VICTORIA   Vessel ID: 5215521  LR/IMO: 5215521  ON: 171392
Details:Tug Built: 1939 Tonnage: 303 gross
Owner:Bay Steamers Limited
Source:International Register of Historic Ships 1999   Pages 17-37
Link:SeapixOnline Ship Photographs
4VICTORIA   Vessel ID: 5215521  LR/IMO: 5215521  ON: 171392
Details:Tug Built: 1939
Source:The 1935 steam tug WILLIAM C DALDY 2004   Pages 1-44
Title:Illustrated history of the vessel with chronology and specification.
5VICTORIA   Vessel ID: 6512354  LR/IMO: 6512354
Details:Passenger ship Built: 1966 Tonnage: 28,891 gross
Source:Auckland Shipping Movements
Title:Port of Auckland - ship arrivals and departures
Link:SeapixOnline Ship Photographs
6VICTORIA   Vessel ID: 500117251
Details:Motor vessel Tonnage: 4,500 gross
Source:Auckland Shipping Movements
Title:Port of Auckland - ship arrivals and departures
7VICTORIA   Vessel ID: 500500399
Source:Bearings 1991 Vol. 3 No. 1   Pages 12-19
Title:The Little Ships of Lake Wakatipu 1862-63
8VICTORIA   Vessel ID: 500500723
Details:Motor vessel
Source:Australian Shipwrecks Volume 4 1901-1986
Title:[Images of ships from 'Australian Shipwrecks Volume 4']
9VICTORIA   Vessel ID: 580020051
Details:Passenger ship Built: 1905
Source:Model Shipwright 1977 No. 21   Pages 6-10; 6-10; 24-28; 29-34; 35-4
Title:[List of illustrations]
10VICTORIA (HMS)   Vessel ID: 588880565
Details:Warship Built: 1859
Source:History of ships 1978
Title:[Images of vessels from the work 'History of Ships.']
11VICTORIA   Vessel ID: 588881255
Source:Early New Zealand steamers
Title:[Images of vessels from 'Early New Zealand steamers.']
12VICTORIA   Vessel ID: 588881700
Details:Paddle steamer
Source:Akarana. The ports of Auckland. 1971
Title:[Images of vessels from 'Akarana. The ports of Auckland.']
13VICTORIA   Vessel ID: 588882434
Source:Settlement by sail. 19th century immigration to New Zealand c1991
Title:[Images of vessels from 'Settlement by sail']
14VICTORIA   Vessel ID: 599980048
Owner:New Zealand Government
Source:New Zealander 1851   Page 2
Title:[Marriage of P A Deck, Commander of H M's colonial brig VICTORIA]

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