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Vessel Name:MARS
Vessel ID: 1139627
Official No: 139627
Vessel Type: Coaster
Tonnage: 506 gross
Owner: Herman Schutte
Built: 1906
Builder: G Seebeck A.G., Bremerhaven
Engine: Steam, later motorship
Date of Fate: 19 Jul 1954
Type of Fate: Wrecked
Place of Fate: North Passage, Lord Howe Island
Region of Fate: Tasman sea
Vessel Abstract: 1906 built as FAVORITA DONA CATALINA for Arthur Koppel, Berlin.
1907 sold to S. Ferrando, Buenos Aires.
1918 sold to Instone Transport and Trading and renamed NEWSTON. 1923 renamed MARIE KOTHE. 4 Oct 1924 renamed MARS. 1926 renamed MARION SLEIGH. 1932 converted to motorship. 1932 renamed PORT WHANGAREI. 30 Oct 1942 requisitioned by New Zealand Navy and renamed KG28.
24 Nov 1944 sold to Holm Shipping Company and renamed HOLMBURN. 12 Feb 1954 renamed JACQUES DEL MAR.
Significant Date: 1944

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Source: Fair Winds and Rough Seas. The story of the Holm Shipping Company 1975   Pages 230-245 ( Reference ID 800010061 )
Article Title:Fair Winds and Rough Seas - Fleet List
Article Abstract:Summary of Appendix B of the book, which contains comprehensive details of the vessels owned, managed and chartered by the Holm Shipping Company


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