Northern Steam Ship Company


Many people have contributed to this website...

The text on the Northern Steam Ship Company was written by NZNMM staff for the exhibition held at the Maritime Museum May-September 2001. The information on the fleet and the construction of the fleet list pages was done by volunteer Tony Millatt.

Thanks to Bill Laxon for the loan of photos and for the advice and knowledge.

Thanks to the people who came forward with photographs after seeing the exhibition at the Museum, including Godfrey Reid, Maisie Allan for the Norris family loan, and Michael Raynes for supplying us with missing photographs and more.

Thank you to the following institutions who gave us permission to use their images on this website:

Future thanks? We do not yet have photographs of the FALCON, NELLIE, PIONEER, ROSE ANN or ROTHESAY. If you can help fill in the gaps or correct any errors on this website, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please email us...

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